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Heading to Momentum

RainStorm will be at the 2015 MaineBiz Momentum Convention, Tuesday, November 10th in at the Augusta Civic Center in Augusta, Maine. The event runs from 9am - 4pm. Brian Rahill will be part of the MaineBiz U Process Track, speaking as part of a panel during session...

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Streamlining Education with SchoolFlex

It's no secret that RainStorm's 15+ years have been a mission primarily focused on helping educational institutions advance their technology — whether it be getting a program online, creating software tools, or building online registration systems. Today RainStorm is...

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Halloween at RainStorm: A Brief History

Over the last few years we've been running a costume contest on our Facebook page. Here's a brief visual history of the costumes we've been sporting. Click the photos to see who won. For added effect, press play on this playlist and then scroll on. 2017 Linda from...

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Visit Us at MSMA’s Annual Fall Conference

RainStorm will be at the 2015 Maine School Management Association's 42nd annual conference, October 22-23 at the Augusta Civic Center in Augusta, Maine. The event runs from 8am - 3pm each day. To register or learn more...

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RainStorm at the Maine Public Health Association Conference

Join RainStorm at the Maine Public Health Association’s 32nd annual fall conference, October 6th from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm at the Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, Maine. Brian Rahill and Monique Bouchard will be attending this year's conference, the theme of which is...

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RainStorm Launches SBK Consulting

We quietly launched a small project last week for Orono-based SBK Consulting. SBK Consulting offers its clients across the nation enterprise-level technology sales experts who have the technical ability to engage an organization's prospects, discover their pain, and...

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NEFIS Portal Launches

We're happy to announce the launch of the Northeast Forestry Information Source portal and to add it to our growing family of document repository websites! NEFIS' site is an online, open-­source web portal featuring an easily searchable database of documents/resources...

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RainStorm Goes Rafting

We have a program here at RainStorm where each quarter we step back from the computers and head out to do something recreational as a team. PAIR (the Planned Activities Initiative at RainStorm), coming up on its second year of operation, has taken us all over with...

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Meet Designer Evan Habeeb

Our methodical and creative force is all about the details If you ask Evan Habeeb, RainStorm's graphic designer and front-end developer, about the rules of effective design, he will pause briefly before telling you that there aren't any. “There’s no real process or...

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Client Spotlight: MaineHealth Learning Resource Center

“Figuring out how to be healthy shouldn’t be so hard. We’re here to help.” This is the repeated motto of the MaineHealth Learning Resource Center, found throughout its website, Packed with easy-to-find, reliable information, the site...

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After the Catch – What Happens Next?

Since we’ve had beautiful starry nights and meteor showers lately, we’ve been looking skyward and have been thinking of how great it would be to catch one of those falling stars. We can look at the charts, find the best place to watch, and we feel fortunate to even...

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Get Outside

For the last three years, we've taken a break every day at 3pm to break up the afternoon. It seems like common sense to say "step away from the computer" but it doesn't help as much when you step away, stay in the office, and look at your phone. We try to get out when...

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