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A New (Online) Home for the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce

The Bangor Chamber has been an active part of the region's business community for more than a century and is well recognized for its many events and business development efforts, representing more than 20 communities in the region and more than 800 members. (We're one...

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Website for a Master – Northwoods Canoe

Rollin Thurlow is a traditional kind of guy. A master craftsman, he and his team at Northwoods Canoe Company build and repair wood and canvas canoes using traditional materials, techniques, and methods. They do it the old way, producing work of incredible quality and...

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Governor’s Restaurant – A Delicious Collaboration

One day in 2016, Monique and Evan were tasked with framing up a special activity for an all-staff gathering. As everyone knows, success begins with a great breakfast, and that's how RainStorm wound up with a tin of toast on our conference table that would boggle the...

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Proud Sponsors of WordCamp Portland, ME

At RainStorm, we love collaboration and making new friends! That’s why we’re very excited to be sponsors of WordCamp Portland, ME  2017! Several members of our team will be attending WordCamp, a place for WordPress users and developers to get together in both casual...

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May the Fourth Be With You

RainStorm's team has an enduring affection for their respective fandoms, so it was little surprise that today, May the 4th, brought out some Star Wars love. In celebration, we thought that we'd share one of the few good moments of the infamous Star Wars Holiday...

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Uncompromising Passwords (and More)

Working Together to Keep Your Website Secure Most web hosts these days, particularly those who are hosting WordPress sites, are forward-thinking when it comes to site security. Yet we sometimes still hear the occasional horror story about a compromised website and...

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Want to be our next Web Developer? We’re hiring!

RainStorm is looking for a new team member to join us in our Orono office — or, for the right candidate, remotely! We are searching for a detail-oriented, highly motivated web developer to join our development team. If you have deep experience with WordPress, are...

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Who Wore It Best? Another Halloween at RainStorm…

Happy Halloween! We really like Halloween here at RainStorm, even though it means that sometimes weird people show up here for work (see the retrospective here...) . A couple of them DO look kind of familiar, though... Who's your favorite?

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Some Recent Launches

It's easy to be head-down for a long period of time here so we don't always get a chance to talk about the great work we accomplish weekly. This past month was a particularly busy one where was saw four projects launch and I'd like to take a moment to talk about each...

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A Back to Work Website Activity

The weather has gotten crisp and the fog is starting to gather in the cooler mornings, meaning that autumn will be upon us soon. For many, we think of this as "back to school" time and we expect young folks to refocus their efforts on their betterment. Why should we...

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Family Dinner

Late last year, Client Relationship Manager Monique Bouchard coined the term "Family Dinner" to describe the kind of days when all of our remote staff comes together in our Orono office. This kind of meetup day is new for RainStorm which up until a couple years...

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