Streamlining Education with SchoolFlex



It’s no secret that RainStorm’s 15+ years have been a mission primarily focused on helping educational institutions advance their technology — whether it be getting a program online, creating software tools, or building online registration systems.

Today RainStorm is doubling down on that mission with SchoolFlex. We’re launching an all-new version of SchoolFlex aimed at being agile and offering more features than ever before.

What is SchoolFlex?


The Hampden School Department is the latest school system to harness the power of SchoolFlex, see it in action at

SchoolFlex is a WordPress-based school website platform. SchoolFlex is built from the ground-up with the goal of helping schools communicate better with their communities.

Features include:

  • An all-encompassing multisite setup for from your district department down to individual schools to control everything from one place
  • Aggregated news & events across schools
  • Alert systems
  • Beautiful, custom design
  • Mobile-ready

…and so much more. Visit the all-new today to learn more.

Ready to get started?

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