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We’ve Got Your Back

As a website hosting company, one question we occasionally get is about our backup process. RainStorm's support team is responsible for this part of our managed hosting, making sure that all our clients' sites are protected. Backups are critical, for every website....

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508 vs. WCAG

Section 508 vs. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Ever wonder what the usage differences between some of the major web standards are? We've got you covered. Section 508 The 508 rules are laid out specifically so that any disabled person will still have access to...

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Retreat Activity: Not All Layers Are CSS!

Every year RainStorm has a retreat. We spend the morning going over the State of RainStorm and presentations are made giving us a good review of the projects we worked on, the accomplishments we've made, and to prepare for the year ahead. At the end of the morning, we...

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Resolutions for the Year Ahead

Resolutions We Would Like to See This week, we're approaching our annual RainStorm conclave and we're thinking about the year that's (mostly) fresh before us. During this meeting, we set our company goals for the current year and assess our performance in the year...

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RSU 22: Strategic Thinking

After over 200 years of educating students in eastern Maine, Hampden Academy, the oldest member of the seven-school RSU 22 school department, recently opened its doors to an all-new state-of-the-art facility. After years of planning and construction, one of the few...

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Meet Support Specialist Suze Howe

Super Supporter Suze! If you've called RainStorm you've likely heard Suze Howe's friendly voice on the end of the line, particularly if you've called about email or needed some support. Sporting an attitude as bright as her trademark red hair, she's one of the most...

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What to Watch For: Internet Explorer Deadlines

Another internet deadline is looming. This time it's from Microsoft. January 12, 2016 Starting January 12, Microsoft will only maintain the latest available version of Internet Explorer on a supported operating system. This is an effort to move as many people as...

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Growing Your Business: Free Tools and Time-Tested Strategies

Thank you to everyone who attended the Momentum Convention session, "Growing Your Business: Free Tools and Time-Tested Strategies." As promised, here's a collection of the Google tools that were covered. Free Google tools Google Trends: Google Trends enables you to...

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Heading to Momentum

RainStorm will be at the 2015 MaineBiz Momentum Convention, Tuesday, November 10th in at the Augusta Civic Center in Augusta, Maine. The event runs from 9am - 4pm. Brian Rahill will be part of the MaineBiz U Process Track, speaking as part of a panel during session...

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Streamlining Education with SchoolFlex

It's no secret that RainStorm's 15+ years have been a mission primarily focused on helping educational institutions advance their technology — whether it be getting a program online, creating software tools, or building online registration systems. Today RainStorm is...

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Halloween at RainStorm: A Brief History

Over the last few years we've been running a costume contest on our Facebook page. Here's a brief visual history of the costumes we've been sporting. Click the photos to see who won. For added effect, press play on this playlist and then scroll on. 2017 Linda from...

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Visit Us at MSMA’s Annual Fall Conference

RainStorm will be at the 2015 Maine School Management Association's 42nd annual conference, October 22-23 at the Augusta Civic Center in Augusta, Maine. The event runs from 8am - 3pm each day. To register or learn more...

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