Growing Your Business: Free Tools and Time-Tested Strategies

Thank you to everyone who attended the Momentum Convention session, “Growing Your Business: Free Tools and Time-Tested Strategies.” As promised, here’s a collection of the Google tools that were covered.


Free Google tools

  1. Google Trends: Google Trends enables you to see keyword search trends over time. You can see if a keyword phrase is gaining or losing popularity and segment it by country, region or state.
  2. Google Search Console: The Google Search Console can give you a wealth of information about how Google sees your site. It will show you what pages of your site are in Google search index, what keywords people are using to search your site, who is linking to your and what keywords Google thinks are relevant for your site based on your content.
  3. Google Alerts: If you want to keep up on the latest news that may affect your organization, Google Alerts is a wonderful tool. You can setup simple keyword alerts and Google with email you whenever those keywords are mentioned in an news item. Use it to monitor your company name, industry news or your competitors.
  4. Google Analytics: Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool to help you track your marketing efforts. Once you have Google Analytics setup on your site, you can learn a lot about the visitors that access your site, including their location, referring sites, top pages of your site and what places on the web send you the most visitors. What technology they use to access your site (phone, tablet, desktop).
  5. Google My Business: Getting your business listed on My Business will ensure you show up on Google Maps, search and Google+ and it will also give you a wealth of statistics on views, clicks and even where people are located when the request driving directions for your business. My Business makes it especially easy for mobile searchers to get navigate to your business, see your operating hours and call you.

And one not so free:

awl-710096_1920Google AdWords: Google AdWords can help you get to the top of Google quickly. Using Google AdWords you can create an ad and only have it display for when people search Google for specific keywords. You then pay Google for each visitor that clicks on your ad and lands on your website. You can also limit your audience to geographic area by country, state and even city so if your service is geographically limited, you can choose to only advertise to those that live in your service area. or call: 1-855-607-0435

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