Some Recent Launches

It’s easy to be head-down for a long period of time here so we don’t always get a chance to talk about the great work we accomplish weekly. This past month was a particularly busy one where was saw four projects launch and I’d like to take a moment to talk about each one of them.

Bangor School Departmentbgr

The concept of our SchoolFlex product could likely be traced back to our first iteration of the Bangor School Department network from 2012. We’ve learned a lot in four years about what makes a great school website platform and we were pleased to get the opportunity to relaunch the Bangor School Department sites on the latest version of SchoolFlex.

The Bangor School Department network serves a large community of teachers, students, and parents in an easy-to-manage, and mobile responsive, multisite setup for administrators. Bangor Schools also took this opportunity to easily launch extra sites on their network to serve audiences such as Alumni.

Visit the site:

RSU 26rsu26

The Orono School Department also sought RainStorm to help relaunch their school websites on the SchoolFlex platform as well as optimize them for mobile. Similar to Bangor, Orono utilized a multisite setup that allowed administrators to have one central location to manage their network, but empowered each individual site to have its own content, personality, and management capabilities. We wrapped up all of their new technical capabilities in a beautiful, custom design.

Visit the site:

Spruce Budwormbudworm

RainStorm worked with a multi-organization task force, lead by the University of Maine, to combat the coming Spruce Budworm outbreak. We put in place live maps, interactive FAQ’s, and information hubs to help educate the public and coordinate efforts against the outbreak.

Visit the site:

S.W. Cole Engineeringswcole

Finally, we worked with the engineers at S.W. Cole to help relaunch their online presence onto a robust new WordPress platform. Coupling this with an all-new design gave them the perfect place to showcase the variety of work they do all over New England.

Visit the site:

These are just a few of the projects we released to our communities in the last month. We’re always keeping busy and have more to come in the months ahead.

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