Family Dinner


Late last year, Client Relationship Manager Monique Bouchard coined the term “Family Dinner” to describe the kind of days when all of our remote staff comes together in our Orono office. This kind of meetup day is new for RainStorm which up until a couple years ago operated in a relatively traditional way — with all employees coming into the office every day from 9-5pm.

More recently, and more realistically, RainStorm has embraced the remote work trend with employing the best people all across the state — in addition to our home Orono office. This gives us a better ability to utilize skilled employees outside of our immediate geographic region as well as gives us the reach to more easily work with clients in more areas.

With the tools available to us in 2016, it’s seamless to operate with in-house as well as remote staff — but we still like to have an excuse to get together regularly and barbecue..I mean have family dinner 🙂

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