Should We Go Live Today? A friendly reminder for web developers everywhere

Should We Go Live Today ThumbnailAt web companies like ours, the “launch” of a project — from a huge network of websites to a single, minor update — is one of the best parts of the job. You’ve completed a bit of work, and if you liked it, it’s your chance to show it to the world; if you didn’t, you can finally move on to that more interesting task.

However, as a company we’ve learned from the continual reminders of our technical lead, Matt James, that the desire to go live should always be checked against what day it is – specifically, to quote Matt’s mantra on the subject, don’t go live on Fridays!

Any launch, no matter how carefully tested, may have surprises, and not much ruins a launch worse than spending the weekend trying to troubleshoot it from home, or worrying that it won’t be fully resolved for at least 2-3 days.

That’s why we take Matt’s mantra seriously here at RainStorm, and to honor his commitment to successful launches, we’re happy to announce, a simple tool for other web developers to help remind them that today is a great day to launch your project — as long as it’s not Friday!

If you’re a web developer, we hope that will become a part of your pre-flight launch checklist. We’d also love to hear your feedback or Friday launch stories on our Facebook page. Thanks for reading – and happy launching!

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