RainStorm Consulting partners with adult education to launch network of statewide websites

MAEA ThumbnailWe are pleased to announce our participation in the development and launch of MaineAdultEd.org, a new web portal connecting Maine’s adult education programs into a powerful network of websites to serve people all over Maine.

The Maine Adult Education portal, launched in early January and online at http://www.maineadulted.org, features a searchable directory of more than 3,000 adult education courses, with online course registration, program locations and directions, course details, news, and much more. In just three months since launch, more than 48,000 people have visited the site, with more than 1000 online course registrations.

We recently partnered up with Maine Adult Education Association leadership to conceive and produce this new project. At the centerpiece is SiteTurbine, a suite of software tools designed to enhance academic and small business websites. The SiteTurbine software suite powers all aspects of the portal and program websites, including the statewide course directory, online ordering, news, and much more.

At the core of the new adult education portal is a network of fully-featured websites for more than 70 of Maine’s local adult education programs. Each local adult education program website includes a program’s local courses, news, student help section, and program information. This network of program websites is a key piece of the portal’s strategy to make it easier for Maine people to find new, affordable educational opportunities. Previously, many of Maine’s adult education programs– particularly in rural areas– had little or no web presence and were not inter-connected. With the launch of the portal, visitors to any local program website can search and locate courses at any other adult education program and find the best course options using the interactive maps on the program websites.

To search for adult education courses throughout Maine, please visit the Maine adult education portal online at http://www.maineadulted.org.

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