Preparing for Your New Website


So, you’re getting a new website? What are some things that you, as a client, can do to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone involved? We’ll outline a few simple things that can benefit the working relationship between you and your website developer.

Upfront With Assets

Be prepared to provide your development team any assets you have that will be helpful for them. What kind of assets are we talking about?

  • Logo files
  • Photography and images you’d like seen on your new site
  • Branding guidelines and/or color palettes for your company or organization

Typically, the beginning phases of your new website production will revolve around design, and the earlier you can get your development team these assets, the better it will set up the rest of the project. This will give them more time to build a beautiful layout and make sure all the design elements will play nicely together. When critical assets like logos and photography are provided later in the project, it can sometimes delay launch times and other deadlines.

A good web development team will work with you to create, edit, and find assets like this — but anything you can offer up front will always be happily accepted.

Start Thinking About Content

photo-1416339442236-8ceb164046f8A new website is the perfect time to rethink the content and message of your site.

If this is a makeover of a current site, use this early period to cut out any old, outdated text and rewrite any existing content you’d like. Purge your content for what’s no longer needed.

If this is a new site, use the time while the site is being designed and built to craft the message of your new web presence.

Depending on the project, a proper web development team will work together with you to either help sculpt the best tone for your new site or help create an all-new message through your content. It’s up to you. Your site, your voice.

Be Responsive, Be Involved

The smoothest web projects happen when there is great communication between you and your web development team. Be conscious of project phase deadlines and don’t be afraid to be vocal with feedback. When you’re heavily invested in your new online home, you’ll find yourself satisfied.

Remember, Launching Isn’t the End

The launch of your site is really just the beginning. Similar to the point above, stay active in your site’s performance. Review your traffic analytics and think about how you can create new content and evolve old content to get the best responses from your visitors. The right web development team will maintain this ongoing relationship.

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