Handmade Papers website on a laptop and mobile device

Handmade Papers

Handmade Papers, by Virginia Sarsfield, is a company focused on the production of hand papermaking since 1994 and specializes in artist-grade and lampshade papers. Located in Brooklin, Maine, accessible only by boat, Handmade Papers is a true specialty artisan that meets a variety of needs through paper. 

Handmade Papers wanted a single page design that quickly immerses the visitor on the website. They wanted that layout to use vibrant graphics and images along with a layout that walks visitors from information about the studio, to the creation process, and finally the product. It was also important for the site to look great on mobile devices and use a content management system to make it easy for them to make updates and changes.

Handmade Papers’ new website is a simple, yet effective, display of both images and artistic process that is essential to the description of the business. As a one-page website, the user learns more of their story as they scroll, further emphasizing its artistic nature. The essential information at the bottom of the page, like being able to contact the owner and to see the business’ location on a map, is the capstone of the site. 

  • Responsive Layout
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • w3c Compliant
  • Content Management System

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