Gendron & Gendron website on a laptop and mobile device

Gendron & Gendron

Gendron & Gendron, Inc. is a leader among commercial building contractors in the construction and real estate development markets. They provide quality site work, road work, aggregates, building erection, and real estate to ensure business growth and development throughout the State of Maine. 

Gendron & Gendron needed a site to highlight their businesses capabilities, and the equipment they use along with showcasing some of the projects their company has completed. They also wanted to share pricing information with their customers in a manner that was easy for them to update. Finally, as a growing and thriving company, they wanted to allow potential employees to be able to apply for job positions directly from their website. 

Gendron & Gendron’s new website has a laser focus on displaying their quality construction work, customer testimonials and contracting capabilities that maximizes their reputation in their industry. RainStorm guaranteed a streamlined experience and a clear picture of their business for website visitors by using simple layout and mobile responsiveness techniques on the site. 

  • Responsive Layout
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • w3c Compliant
  • Information Architecture

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