Making Maine library collections more accessible

MSCS ThumbnailIn a digital age, libraries need simple systems to share their collections across geographic regions. With a national grant to improve Maine libraries’ collection strategies, the Maine Shared Collection Strategy (MSCS) also needed a simple, professional website to report on the progress of their project to other Maine libraries and the public.

The Maine Shared Collections Strategy website does just that. With a friendly face, the website presents information and progress on the statewide project as it moves towards completion, including downloadable information and reports for the public. The website also includes news and events listings for the project’s participants to keep updated and includes easy ways to subscribe to the news beyond the site.

MSCS staff have an easy system for managing the website pages, news, and file uploads thanks to WordPress, a web-based system for managing the website. With a customized WordPress theme and features, MSCS can promote their project to the public in a customized, professional way.

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