Little Splash, Big Wave


Sometimes our clients need a quick solution before the larger process of a full website design/build can be finished. Sometimes this is all they want. Either way, a single splash page is an efficient way to get something out to your audience in a professional manner until you’re ready to take the next step on your web presence.

Recently, we’ve created a few different splash pages for our clients so that their online presence isn’t delayed while we craft something larger.

How can splash pages be beneficial?

Think your company or product isn’t ready for a full site? That’s fine. A well crafted placeholder page has many benefits. Here’s why we think you’ll like that:

  • Have a custom, graphical representation of your company or product viewable to the world fast — establish and cement your branding early
  • Go ahead with using your domain’s new email addresses immediately and confidently knowing that there is a custom placeholder page waiting if anyone visits your site in the meantime
  • Manage your web presence exclusively on social media? Great! Grabbing your domain name and setting up a placeholder page will secure your branding and give you a custom email address.
  • Start collecting information like email addresses, contact form submissions, and website traffic reports from day one on your splash page
  • Promote your new web presence on social media without losing any buzz once your full site goes live
  • Fast loading, streamlined access to info for both desktop and mobile visitors


FractureDX by ScanDX provides a simple, graphical, emotional narrative while allowing visitors to learn some preliminary information about the upcoming product launch, share on social media, and sign up for updates.

scandxL&K Manufacturing provides quick, critical contact information for this engineering startup and offers the opportunity to become a fan on social media.

l-kA good example of a splash page turned full site: MaineIDeA provides a launch point to learn more about their different programs.


Get Yours

Let Monique or Brian know if this is something you’re interested in for your next project. If we’re already working with you on your next website, let us know and we’ll work with you to incorporate it into the existing project.


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