Introducing SchoolFlex: A Powerful Platform for your School and District Websites


Today we’re introducing SchoolFlex, a powerful header-bgplatform for your school and district websites.

SchoolFlex is a 100% open source school website platform built on the world’s most-popular content management system, WordPress. SchoolFlex takes all of the great features of this powerful CMS and customizes it to fit the needs of your school system. Making SchoolFlex your school website CMS of choice means faster and easier communication — that all staff can contribute to — with students, parents, and your community.

Our SchoolFlex platform was developed from over 15 years of building award-winning educational websites. SchoolFlex has all the tools you need for your district, schools, community, and students.

Reach out today and we’ll show you how SchoolFlex is right for your school.

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