Fifteen Years — Looking Forward, Looking Back

RainStorm looks at fifteen years of business

Many years, many styles! While technology and design might change, we promise our legendary customer service will be a constant.

This year RainStorm is recognizing its fifteen years in business. In 1999, current CEO Brian Rahill founded RainStorm to assist some of the earliest commercial websites with search engine marketing and promotion strategies.

That startup has moved and grown from the single spare bedroom of a cape on Fernwood Street in Orono to its Main Street office – and a fully mobile staff.

Client Relationship Manager Monique Bouchard, who is the newest RainStorm employee, asked Brian some questions about how the past fifteen years had gone and what he is looking forward to in the future.

M: So, you started this as a solo enterprise in 1999, and we’re now in this lovely office on Main Street in Orono, shared with all these cool people. What’s that journey been like?

B: RainStorm was started in the largest bedroom of a three-bedroom cape on Fernwood Street in a house with three kids, and another one on the way. Our next office move was to a basement which had one tiny window, and you had to duck if you walked around the office so you didn’t hit your head on pipes. Now in our third location, I’m proud that we have this advanced tech company located in a building that Percival Baxter’s grandfather built in 1832.

M: What are some of the highlights; things you will always especially remember?

B: I remember when we got our first servers in the early days. I thought, “Holy moly, we’re going to host websites!” In taking steps, the first server was a big one.

Learning how to create dynamic database-driven websites and developing a system to effectively create large scale multi-sites were also big steps. Those multi-site environments were incredible – how do you make 80 websites at once? Of course, that is old hat to us now.

And like any business, those office moves and changes.

M: There have been changes even since I began in December! There’s a new wall that looks like it’s been there forever, and now we have this new private conference space. Things move quickly! What’s something that hasn’t changed at RainStorm?

B: This desk! I was installing a keyboard tray the other day and was looking at all the screw holes. I realized that it had been in three different offices. This desk that I’m using is the same desk I used in 1999!

In all seriousness, another thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to our customers, and our ability to serve them has only gotten better. The technology, our mobility, the creativity of our solutions, the diversity of our clients, the solutions to challenges – those continue to improve every day.

M: Looking forward, what do you see for this fifteenth year, and maybe even a little beyond it? What are you looking forward to?

B: I want to continue to amaze clients with smart, simple solutions to their complex problems and support them with our legendary customer service. We will keep pushing the boundaries of WordPress and sharing our knowledge and skills with the WordPress community. We will also keep supporting and promoting our clients and the amazing work that they do.

M: Anything else about this anniversary year?

B: We have the best team I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I am excited to see what we can accomplish in 2015!

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