Exploring and Expanding S.W. Cole

S.W. Cole Explorations Website Landing PageS.W. Cole Explorations, a new, a wholly owned subsidiary of S.W. Cole Engineering offers test boring services for the geotechnical, environmental, geothermal, groundwater, geology, and construction industries.

It needed a web presence, but one that was visually strongly linked to S.W. Cole Engineering’s style yet with its own, unique content.

RainStorm created a microsite which could be managed through the main site dashboard but which would have as much functionality as it needed to effectively grow to meet the new business’ needs while being respectful of the budgetary needs of a new business.

The site content includes some really cool video footage filmed from an aerial drone, a map noting drilling project areas, and images from projects.

We’re looking forward to furthering many discoveries together with S.W. Cole!

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